Women and Associations

In French

During the 19th century, women's associations were crucial to help poorer women to access a decent lifestyle through charitable actions of aristocrats and upper middle class women and also to create or join workers' unions. 

An inspired conductor

First biography of Leonard Bernstein in French,  translated in Japanese

Leonard Bernstein is still one of the most loved conductors and composers in France. This biography explores some less known facts of his work and life. I had the utmost time of my life writing this book.

Wine Brands

In English

My first book in English! It centers on the history and various markets of wine  in Europe, Asia and the US.  It was considered seminal to the knowledge of new markets in the wine business. 

Digital Wine Marketing

In French

This book is the translation of Wine Brands adapted to the French market. I rewrote some of the chapters to make some issues more accessible to French readers.

Wine Export

In French 

Award by the Wine Trade Commission.

Co-authored with James de Roany, this book aims at helping the producers to export their wines on multiple markets: success stories, lessons to learn from less successful ventures, stories of people and places.

Wine Tourism

In French

Wine tourism is a major issue for the wine business. At the crossroads of history, architecture and landscape, tourism is at the heart of the history of vineyards and winemaking.